Nanoscale models of THE LEGO ARCHITECT

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  1. Vlestrad says:

    Hi Tom, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve been trying to recreate these nano models because I really like their look, specially next to their bigger brothers. It has been mostly easy, except for the prairie model, I would be very lost without those instructions. I do have a problem with two of the buildings: in the Art Deco building, what goes between the two round bricks on the second floor? and on the postmodern building, how do you manage to get those bricks to hang on the side? Would love to know those two small details!

    • tomalphin says:

      Thanks for your feedback! I do not have any immediate plans to share the instructions for these other models, but I will say that the Art Deco model uses a 2×2 jumper, with a 1×3 plate on top of that. It’s only attached by a single stud, so it can spin a little. you could use two 1×2 jumpers instead if you preferred, and this would prevent it from spinning.


  2. Ray Oakley says:

    As with all your models I am just blown away by your skill. Keep up the inspirational work for those of us who are still learning..

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