Interesting new LEGO elements for Summer 2015

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  1. Steeve says:

    Do you know if those new elements eventually available in PAB on lego site?
    Or only way to get them is buying the sets, or website like bricklinks.


    • tomalphin says:

      Relatively few LEGO elements are available on PAB Online at any given time, and they seem to generally stock the more common parts rather than specialty bricks. Your best bet is buy sets containing the parts you want, or to search for the best prices you can find on BrickLink, BrickOwl, or even Ebay. Good Luck.


      P.S. I am curious as to which elements you were excited to buy, and what you wanted to do with them?

  2. The Sand Green color of the 19121 fence piece looks really good to me… It looks like bronze with a nice green patina on it. Would work great in a bridge. If they weren’t $0.50 each on BL I’d consider grabbing up a bunch and making one.

    • tomalphin says:

      Great idea! It would make a great bridge railing in Minifig-scale scene. It might also work as the screen in front of a fireplace. Hopefully the price will come down, else it seems like a good lugbulk candidate for 2016.

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