REVIEW: #21036 Arc de Triomphe

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  1. Eiffleman says:

    I was quite disappointed in this set, it was one of my Lego Ideas submissions which I developed on and off over a 12 month period just to prove that a reasonable model could be made at a small scale. Just using six arch pieces for the main arch is the major sin in this set. I only considered submitting the project after I found a way of creating internal detail of the arch. I even found a nice way of creating the detail around the top of the monument using the underside of 1×12 ands 1x 6 plates. Obviously the ideas project is dead but if you are interested there are full building instructions andphotos of the final design in the ideas project’s updates section. I am looking out for the nameplate on the secondary market to complete my model.

    • tomalphin says:

      Your LEGO Ideas post was definitely discussed as how they “could have done it better” when the official set was announced.

      What was your final part count? I doubt it was too much higher than the official set – maybe 650 instead of the official set’s 390 parts?

  2. Peter Hanneman says:

    I couldn’t agree more! IMHO I feel that Lego Architectural series — which as a 46 year old architectural tour guide in NYC is the series that brought me back into the Lego world — has gone from exciting to boring, and maybe that’s because I AM a 46 year old man. However no matter if you’re going for kids or my age, the scales are just too small to do something that is fun and interesting. This is a perfect example.

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