Jeff Friesen’s Microscale Cityscapes

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  1. Chris Cook says:

    I teach an urban design class to high school students and we’ve worked on modeling our campus in microscale with some success. I’m also fortunate in that two of my other courses are design thinking courses where we can play with LEGO as a medium for prototyping certain solutions.

    To say that looking at Jeff’s cities transformed my way of using the pieces and the potential LEGO presents for mixing colors and laying out small landscape is not adequate to describe what his work meant to me and my students. When I saw them online this fall I immediately knew they must be shared with my classes. They loved them! More important, in at least one case his work inspired an immediate breakthrough for a student who couldn’t crack a particular problem in her build. It wasn’t a technique she saw that made the difference, it was the awe she had for the time she figured he spent on his projects, and the beauty of what she might be capable of creating if she soldiered on. Thanks Jeff for making a difference in my teaching and my students learning. And thanks to BA for showcasing his talent!

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