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A few of the amazing unofficial LEGO Architecture sets which have been made. (Leadenhall Building by Bright Bricks, Hilton Paris Opera by Amazings, Capitol Records by Adam Ward.

‘Unofficial’ LEGO Architecture sets

Browse this guide of amazing ‘Unofficial’ LEGO Architecture sets created by talented LEGO artists from around the world, and members of the LEGO Certified Professional program. These are extremely rare sets, so this might be your only way to see them.

Frank Lloyd Wright @ 150 years

150 years ago, the greatest American architect was born. Let’s explore Frank Lloyd Wright’s life and legacy using LEGO bricks. We will look at the 5 official LEGO Sets, and creations by other LEGO artists.

Nanoscale models of THE LEGO ARCHITECT

Readers of THE LEGO ARCHITECT will recognize this collection of miniature LEGO Architecture models, which I created for the 2015 Alternate Advent Calendar contest at In compliance with the contest rules, each of...