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2018 LEGO Fan Media Days

Learn about the discussions, interviews, and events that Brick Architect participated in during the three-day 2018 LEGO Fan Media Days event at the LEGO Headquarters in Billund, Denmark.

Oklahoma Landmarks

I am excited to share the collective works of LEGO artist Ricardo Montoya, who is re-creating the landmarks of Oklahoma in a minimalist style. His interest in LEGO was rekindled by the LEGO Architecture...

Maggie's Centre (2013) in Newcastle, UK, by Cullinan Studio. LEGO Model by Steve Mayes.

Maggie’s Centre Newcastle

We can thank LEGO Artist Steve Mayes for creating this intricate LEGO model of Maggie’s Centre Newcastle. His LEGO model warrants a deeper look, but first, what is Maggie’s Centre? Maggie’s Centre is a...