#41597 - Go Brick Me is a big box of LEGO for just $29.99.
It’s not often that you can get great LEGO parts for less than 3 cents a piece, but today #41597 Go Brick Me is just $18.99 at Amazon.com. (USA)

This Must-have (5/5 star) LEGO set is 37% off. Maybe you should add it to your collection, or purchase it for parts. It’s possibly even better as a gift to introduce the joy of LEGO building to people of all ages. At this price, why not stock up for the holidays? For more information, read our review of the set.

#21032 - Sydney (Skyline)
It’s a great time to add #21032 Sydney Skyline to your collection, since it’s currently 27% off at Amazon.com. (USA)

Sales are common right before a LEGO set is discontinued, so don’t miss your chance!

P.S. Ever wonder if the scale within each Skyline set is accurate? In this previous article, I calculated the average scale (and standard deviation) for each of the first six sets. Find out which building has a massive 67% deviation from the rest of the set!