Updates to ‘Unofficial LEGO Architecture Set Guide’

I’ve added two new models to the guide (‘Raadhuis Hilversum’ & ‘NH Hotel Rotterdam’), and a link to PDF instructions for ‘The Istana’.

P.S. Let us know if you discover any unofficial LEGO Architecture sets that we should add to the guide!

LEGO Architecture on CNN Style

I was interviewed for this new article at CNN Style, alongside LEGO Set designer Rok Žgalin Kobe.

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In the article, Rok shared some new insights on the challenges in translating a real building to a LEGO set. I offered additional advise when designing your own LEGO architecture model: “Start by looking at the building, figuring out what the hardest part is going to be and building that first.”

I also talked about the many fan-made LEGO creations, including several models featured in The LEGO Architect, and some of the custom sets featured in on our list of Unofficial LEGO Architecture Sets.

If you want to read “LEGO architects and super-fans on designing perfect miniature worlds,” you will find it on CNN Style.