3. SNOT (43 parts)

These parts allow you to attach studs facing outwards (Studs Not On Top) or attach studs at an offset from the normal grid.

SNOT bricks and brackets allow you to attach parts facing outwards. There are other techniques that allow you to attach studs facing outwards, but the parts in this category are designed specifically for this purpose.

We also have jumpers which allow you to offset a part by ½ of the width of a LEGO plate. This is an unusual offset within the LEGO system that makes a lot of interesting techniques possible.


3. SNOT (43 parts)


A SNOT brick has one or more outward-facing studs on the side.


Brackets are SNOT parts that are thinner than a brick.


Jumpers offer a 1/2 stud offset in one or both directions.