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About Tom Alphin

As the story goes, I was an extremely energetic kid growing up in the 80’s, but LEGO was always one of my greatest pleasures. In rough chronology, I visited the following LEGOLAND themes: Space, Town, Train, Pirates. As you might expect, the LEGO Architecture theme is what drew me back to the hobby. I built the smaller sets with some enthusiasm, but 21050 LEGO Architecture Studio is what really caught my attention.

Prior to creating Brick Architect, I explored topics such as the LEGO Architecture Studio 30-day challenge at his personal blog (tomalphin.com).

Tom Alphin

One thing lead to another, and I started working on my book The LEGO Architect in 2014, and it was released in fall 2015. The book explores 7 architectural styles using LEGO, with a careful blend of history, photos of real buildings, inspiring LEGO models by talented LEGO artists around the world, and instructions to build at least one model for each style. — The book’s success and the success of the Brick Architect website has given me the opportunity to do a few commissioned LEGO projects.

In addition to being a lifelong LEGO enthusiast, I’m a hopeless collector of hobbies. Other passions include Photography, Travel, Hiking/Cycling/Climbing/Mountaineering, and more. On weekdays, you will find me at Microsoft, where I am a User Experience Engineer designing the future of Windows operating system. (I designed the “Timeline” feature which was released in 2018!)

Our Writing Team

It is a great pleasure to have these talented writers contributing great content to the Brick Architect website.

Michael Kindness

Michael is the father of two boys that love LEGO almost as much as he does. A sales rep for the publishing industry by day, in the evenings his focus shifts between Classic Space (his childhood favorite), Star Wars, and Architecture. While he finds sorting really satisfying, joining his local LUG has inspired him to create more MOC’s.
Michael Kindness

Lydia Nelson

Lydia is the mother of 5 kids, and enjoys building models from the LEGO Creator and Architecture themes. Her creative focus is to re-create LDS Temples using LEGO bricks, a project that has grown to include over 50 models! We are excited to help her get started with blogging by writing articles for Brick Architect.
Lydia Nelson

Christine Coste

Christine joins the Brick Architect team from her home in New Zealand. She was re-introduced to LEGO through her two daughters, whose fondness for LEGO Elves, Friends, and Disney Princess sets has brightened her LEGO color palette considerably. She works as a town planner and with her husband’s background in Architecture and a shared interest in history she has had the opportunity to visit many of the world’s greatest landmarks.
Christine Coste

Koen Van Der Hoeven

An avid traveler, Koen likes to explore how different ages and cultures result in different architectural styles, with preferences for historic European and Japanese architecture. He was drawn to LEGO as a way to explore his interests in medieval architecture and fantasy, so it’s no surprise that some of his favorite themes are Castle, Lord of the Rings, and Ninjago, although he also really enjoys the Modular Building Series. A software engineer by day, he finds LEGO relaxing and it gives him a creative outlet outside of the office.
Koen Van Der Hoeven

Alexander Holroyd

Alexander is a Seattle-based mathematician and a life-long Technic freak. He is fascinated by mechanisms in all their complexity and simplicity, especially when applied to kinetic art and mechanical computation, and of course, especially when implemented in LEGO.
Alexander Holroyd

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