The LEGO Architect, by Tom Alphin
The LEGO Architect is a bestselling book that teaches seven styles of Architecture using LEGO. It’s available in 10 different languages.

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Tell your story using LEGO

LEGO is the perfect medium for telling stories visually — the iconic plastic bricks appeal to all ages and invite curiosity! Do you have a story that you want to tell using LEGO bricks? We can help!

Past commissioned projects have included:

  • Licensing existing models for promotional purposes.
  • Custom LEGO models
    One of these models was distributed to all Brick Loot subscribers.
  • Large-scale LEGO model design and installations.

LEGO Model by Tom Alphin (Signature)

Tom Alphin is the author of The LEGO Architect, a bestselling book which teaches architecture with LEGO. In addition to his book and commissioned projects, he created the Brick Architect website to share in-depth LEGO stories with a world of enthusiastic LEGO fans.

Contact Tom Alphin about commissioned projects by emailing