Tom Alphin:

Tom Alphin
Tom is the Editor-in-Chief at Brick Architect. He founded the website in 2015 just before releasing his bestselling book The LEGO Architect, which teaches 7 styles of architecture using LEGO bricks. In addition to reviewing new LEGO Architecture sets, he likes to write articles exploring technical aspects of the LEGO hobby including LEGO storage, and the LEGO color palette.

Author: Tom Alphin

ʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡ: #21047 Las Vegas Skyline

The long-awaited Las Vegas skyline set is finally here (after re-designing the set following tragic events at the Mandalay Bay.) Should you take home this celebration of the cities glamour, or should what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas?

#40320 ‘Plants from Plants’ is first step towards sustainability

The LEGO Group is getting ready to release the first plastic LEGO toys made from plants. This is the first big step in their ambitious plan to shift to renewable materials for all their products by 2030. Brick Architect got an inside look at how they plan to achieve this goal, and their progress so far.

2018 LEGO Fan Media Days

Learn about the discussions, interviews, and events that Brick Architect participated in during the three-day 2018 LEGO Fan Media Days event at the LEGO Headquarters in Billund, Denmark.