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Articles to help you Store and Display your LEGO collection.

(These articles complement our LEGO Storage Guide, a free e-book that teaches you how to Organize, Sort, and Store your LEGO Collection.)

LEGO Brick Labels 3.1

The new version includes 48 new labels, for a total of 1069 labels!

Version 3.1 focuses on two things: New parts released since last fall, and “common” parts which were missing from the collection. (This included a lot of propeller parts which are quite common, but were not included in the collection until now.)

Version 3.1 adds 48 new labels.

Version 3.1 adds 48 new labels.

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LEGO Storage Guide in the News

The LEGO Storage Guide has received a lot of attention in the past few weeks, including articles on top LEGO news sites and the geek press.

It is a great honor to hear positive feedback from so many readers, and welcome new visitors from around the world.

The LEGO Storage Guide was featured on:

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LEGO Brick Labels 3.0

The new version includes 66 new labels, for a total of 1021 labels!

In addition to new labels, version 3.0 has more consistent file and folder names, a more consistent scale for images of basic parts, and a separate folder containing just those labels new for this version.

LEGO Brick Labels 3.0 adds 66 new labels.

LEGO Brick Labels 3.0 adds 66 new labels.

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