LEGO Brick Labels v40

120 new labels for a total of 1802 unique parts — should sorting your LEGO collection be your 2024 New Year’s resolution?

I’ve painstakingly reviewed every new LEGO part released in 2023, as well as older parts that I had missed. This is a major update to the collection!

Version 40 adds labels for 120 new parts and updates to 14 existing parts.

Version 40 adds labels for 120 new parts and updates to 14 existing parts.

What’s in this update?

I work hard to make sure that every update makes the collection better and more complete. This includes a lot of work that you might not notice to ensure that each part is placed at an appropriate location in the collection, since many people use the contact sheet as a guide when building and when sorting.

The new labels are almost evenly distributed across three categories:

  1. Brand new parts for 2023.
    This includes some parts that are already very popular, as well as some parts from the end of the year which I anticipate will be very popular soon.
  2. Parts from 2022 which are becoming more popular.
    This includes parts which I was not sure if they would remain rare (or only used in a single theme), but have shown continued popularity.
  3. Parts from earlier years that have shown longevity, even if they are not used in all that many sets.
    This include a review of fresh data showing the 1500 most common LEGO parts.

Whether you use my guide to help sort your collection into logical groups, or print the labels to make parts easier to find, I hope this update helps you get more organized!

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I hope my LEGO Brick Labels collection and LEGO Storage Guide help you get more organized in the New Year!

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