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  • AFOL
    Articles about the Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) community.
  • Architectural Styles
    Articles about one or more specific architectural styles. (Buildings of the same architectural style share common attributes, such as similar geometries, decorative flourishes, and building materials. They often share a similar region and date of construction.)
  • Architecture Series
    Articles about sets in the LEGO Architecture Series. (The series was created in 2008 by Adam Reed Tucker, in partnership with The LEGO Group.)
  • Architecture Studio
    Articles related to LEGO Set #21050 Architecture Studio, the open-ended LEGO set which includes 1200 white and clear bricks, but no instructions. (The set inspired me to write my book, The LEGO Architect. The set has been discontinued, so I prepared instructions to order all of the parts online.)
  • Books
    Articles exploring books about LEGO, Architecture, and related topics. (Be sure to also check out The LEGO Architect, my book that teaches seven popular architectural styles using LEGO.)
  • Brick Architect
    Articles related to the Brick Architect website itself. (This includes welcoming new contributors, highlighting new or improved website functionality, reflecting on past content, and future possibilities.)
  • Brick Labels
    Articles about LEGO Brick Labels, my collection of over 1000 labels for common LEGO parts, created by Brick Architect founder Tom Alphin. (Visit to download and learn more.)
  • Colors
    Articles about the LEGO Color palette, including analysis of the most common colors, new and retired colors, and more...
  • Contests
    Learn about contests for LEGO enthusiasts here at Brick Architect, and around the web.
  • Conventions
    LEGO Conventions are one of the main ways that Adult Fans of LEGO connect with one another and show off their creations. These articles give you a behind-the-scene look at conventions which we are able to attend, such as the annual BrickCon Convention in Seattle.
  • Creativity
    We've written a wide range of articles touching on the broad topic of creativity using LEGO.
  • Creator Expert
    The Creator Expert series is one of the most popular LEGO product lines for Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs), because they are some of the largest and most intricate models that The LEGO Group creates every year.
  • Exhibitions
    In addition to LEGO Conventions where many LEGO fans come together to share their creations, a few of the most prolific LEGO artists have created traveling exhibitions highlighting their own work. Most of these artists are part of the LEGO Certified Professional program, which allows them to purchase LEGO bricks in bulk direct from The LEGO Group.
  • Friends
    The LEGO Friends line was introduced in 2012 to appeal to female builders. (The sets feature Friends Minidolls instead of the more familiar LEGO Minifigure, and several new pastel colors were introduced in LEGO Friends sets.)
  • Games
    Articles about the numerous LEGO Video Games and Board Games. Here at Brick Architect, we've played most of LEGO Video Games by Tt Games. We love that they support two-player collaborative gameplay!
  • Interviews
    Interviews with prominent members of the LEGO community. This includes interviews with LEGO set designers, LEGO artists talking about their creations, LEGO fans talking about how they organize their collection, contestants in LEGO contests, and more... (If you have a great idea for an interview we should do, let us know by emailing
  • LEGO Education
  • LEGO Ideas
    LEGO Ideas allows fans from around the world to submit their idea for the next great LEGO Set. When it gets enough votes from other fans, The LEGO Group reviews it for consideration as a real LEGO Set. (The artist who designed the model receives a commission for their idea.)
  • LEGO Masters
  • Lighting
    Adding lighting to your LEGO model is a great way to make it stand out at future LEGO Conventions. We've prepared article to teach you how!
  • Mindstorms
  • MOCs
    The amazing creations by LEGO Artists are called MOCs, meaning "My Own Creation". (This is how fan-made creations are distinguished from the official LEGO sets you can purchase in stores.)
  • Modulars
    The LEGO Modular Building series is the longstanding series of intricate Minifigure-scale models that allow you to re-create a bustling city street. They are some of the most sought sets in the Creator Expert series, aimed at older builders.
  • Movies
    Here at Brick Architect, we've seen all of the LEGO Movies, including The LEGO Movie, LEGO Batman Movie, LEGO Ninjago Movie, and LEGO Movie 2.
  • Parts
    We are LEGO geeks... That's why we like to write nerdy articles that take a closer look at some of the most common (and rarest) LEGO parts.
  • Previews
    Sometimes, we just can't wait to get new LEGO sets in our hands before offering a first look. We look closely at upcoming sets to reveal interesting parts and building techniques so you don't have to!
  • Reviews
    We take pride in writing some of the most in-depth reviews of new LEGO sets that you will find anywhere. This includes highlighting the truly exceptional sets, and clearly articulating sets which were a bit of a disappointment. (We also review LEGO Storage Products, Books, and more!)
  • Roundup
  • Scale
    Scale is one of the most important concepts when creating models based on real buildings or other objects. This is one of those technical topics which we love to explore at Brick Architect.
  • Shoes
  • Shopping
    From time-to-time, we highlight LEGO Sets and Accessories which are on sale for an unusually good price. We also offer Holiday Shopping Guides to help you find the perfect gift for friends and family. (We do receive a commission when you purchase products using our referral links. This helps us cover the expenses of running this site!)
  • Skylines
    The LEGO Skylines series explores several landmarks from a single city, rather than focusing on just one building. The series was introduced in 2016, expanding the LEGO Architecture series in new directions.
  • Star Wars
  • Storage
    Articles to help you Store and Display your LEGO collection. (These articles complement our LEGO Storage Guide, a free e-book that teaches you how to Organize, Sort, and Store your LEGO Collection.)
  • Technic
    LEGO Technic is the popular product line which makes it easy to build advanced mechanical models.
  • The LEGO Architect
    Articles about my book 'The LEGO Architect', which was released in 2015 by No Starch Press. (Learn more about the book at
  • The LEGO Group
    Articles about The LEGO Group, the parent company that creates all of the LEGO sets and products which we love.
  • Travel
    Articles exploring how to lean-in to your LEGO or Architecture hobby while traveling.
  • Unofficial Sets
    Articles and reviews about a wide range of 'Unofficial' LEGO sets, which were designed by a wide range of LEGO artists. Many are created as small-batch boutique kits by LEGO Certified Professionals from around the world. (Visit for our complete list of unofficial LEGO Architecture sets.)
  • Videos
    There are a wide range of video programs about LEGO, including numerous documentaries, and the popular LEGO Masters reality TV show. (We also have articles discussing Movies about LEGO, such as The LEGO Movie.)