Author Events with Tom Alphin

I’m always looking for opportunities to share my love of LEGO, Architecture, and my book ‘The LEGO Architect’. This includes Keynote talks, multimedia presentations, book signings, interviews, and panel discussions at LEGO conventions.

Past Events:

Ask Me Anything,

BrickCon 2017, Seattle, WA.

BrickCon 2016, Seattle, WA.

Brickworld 2016, Chicago / Schaumburg, IL.

Thursday, June 15, 2016

I had the great privilege of giving my talk about LEGO and Architecture to a packed audience at Brickworld. I also led a panel discussion with 4 talented LEGO Architecture artists from the Chicago area.

BrickCan 2016, Vancouver, BC.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

It was a tremendous honor and privilege to deliver an abridged 30-minute version of my LEGO Architecture talk during the Keynote at BrickCan, Vancouver’s LEGO Convention. I was preceded by none other than Justin Ramsden, a LEGO set designer on the Superheroes theme, who visited the convention from LEGO HQ in Billund.

Bricks Cascade 2016, Portland, OR.

Barnes and Noble, Bellevue, WA.

Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle, WA.

Judith Regan Show, SiriusXM Stars Radio.

Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park, WA.

BrickCon 2015, Seattle, WA.

2 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    Hi Tom, any more events planned?

    • tomalphin says:

      Matt, I don’t have any specific events scheduled at this time. I will be attending BrickCon Seattle on October 1/2, but don’t have any specific events in mind.

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