About Brick Architect

About Brick Architect

Brick Architect was founded by Tom Alphin in 2015 as a place to explore his favorite LEGO Theme — Architecture.

The website includes a wide range of popular stories including analysis of the cheapest (and most expensive) LEGO colors, a deep look at scale in LEGO models, a guide to “unofficial” LEGO Architecture sets, and analysis of upcoming LEGO Sets like the delayed Las Vegas Skyline set.

In addition to stories based on current news, upcoming sets or a scoped topics, the site also includes a number of valuable resources which have dedicated sections within the site.

Other Resources at Brick Architect:

  • The LEGO Storage Guide is the ultimate guide to help you better understand your LEGO collection, with suggestions to organize, sort, and store your LEGO.
  • The LEGO Brick Labels collection includes over 1000 labels for the most common LEGO elements which you can print at home. It makes organizing your collection much easier!

Until recently, all of the stories were written by Tom Alphin… Thankfully, we have gathered a small group of writers who share an interest in telling in-depth stories about a growing range of LEGO topics.

If you want to join the team, email tom@tomalphin.com to learn more.

About Tom Alphin

As the story goes, I was an extremely energetic kid in the 80’s, but LEGO was always one of my greatest pleasures. In rough chronology, I visited the following LEGOLAND themes: Space, Town, Train, Pirates. — As you might expect, the LEGO Architecture theme is what drew me back to the hobby. I built the smaller sets with some enthusiasm, but 21050 LEGO Architecture Studio is what really caught my attention.

Prior to creating Brick Architect, I explored topics such as the LEGO Architecture Studio 30-day challenge at his personal blog (tomalphin.com).

One thing lead to another, and I started working on my book The LEGO Architect in 2014, for a fall 2015 release. The book explores the 7 architectural styles using LEGO, with a careful blend of history, photos of real buildings, inspiring LEGO models by talented LEGO artists around the world, and instructions to build at least one model for each style. — The book’s success and the success of the Brick Architect website has given me the opportunity to do a few commissioned LEGO projects.

In addition to being a lifelong LEGO enthusiast, I’m a hopeless collector of hobbies. Other passions include Photography, Travel, Hiking/Cycling/Climbing/Mountaineering, and more. On weekdays, you will find me at Microsoft, where I am a User Experience Engineer designing the future of Windows operating system. (Look for the upcoming “Timeline” feature which I designed.)

Affiliate Marketing

Brick Architect is supported by readers like you making purchases through our affiliate links. We only receive a small commission for any given purchase but they add up… this helps cover the costs required to maintain the website.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you ultimately buy a LEGO set or a toaster, so long as you launched Amazon through our affiliate links. Please consider using these links when making purchases in the future.

Referral Links

As the Brick Architect is a small LEGO site, we only have relationships with Amazon Affiliates program, and the online LEGO Shop.

Journalistic Integrity

Occasionally, Brick Architect receives complimentary merchandise to review such as a LEGO Storage product, unofficial LEGO Set, or accessories.

In these cases, we will clearly disclose that the merchandise was provided for review, and will review the item fairly based on the assumption that we had purchased it at retail price. (Sending merchandise for us to review does increase the chance of getting it reviewed on the site, but does not guarantee a positive review.)