This page includes corrections to the printed text, or to reflect changes to historic details described in the book ‘The LEGO Architect‘ by Tom Alphin.


  • Page vii: The Acropolis should be listed as “438 BCE” instead of “BC“, even though they mean the same thing.
    In recent years, BCE/CE (Before Common Era / Common Era) has replaced BC/AD (Before Christ / Anno Domini) in academic literature.
    Corrected in the fourth printing.
  • Page 77: The LEGO Model of Villa Hillcrest was built by Ken Parel-Sewell and his family. It should read: “LEGO Model by Ken, Amethel, and Kai Parel-Sewell.” instead of “LEGO Model by Ken Parel-Sewell and Dan Madryga.“.
    Corrected in the second printing.
  • Pages 174-175: In doing more precise calculations for a magazine article on scale, I learned that minifig scale is closer to “between 1:25 and 1:45” rather than “between 1:30 and 1:50“.
    Corrected in the seventh printing. (In addition to correcting the scale ratios, the second paragraph on page 175 was rewritten for clarity.)
  • Page 178: Two of the “Common LEGO Colors” have incorrect Bricklink names: The last color in the third row should read: “Dark pink / Bright purple” instead of “Bright pink / Bright purple”. The last color in the fourth row should read: “Bright pink / Light purple” instead of “Light pink / Light purple”.
    This will be corrected in the eighth printing.
  • Page 179: Rocco’s last name should be spelled with a single ‘r’: “Buttliere” instead of “Buttlierre“.
    Corrected in the third printing.

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