Updates for ‘The LEGO Architect’ book

This page includes corrections to the printed text, or to reflect changes to historic details described in the book ‘The LEGO Architect‘ by Tom Alphin.


  • Page vii: The Acropolis should be listed as “438 BCE” instead of “BC“, even though they mean the same thing.
    In recent years, BCE/CE (Before Common Era / Common Era) has replaced BC/AD (Before Christ / Anno Domini) in academic literature.
    Corrected in the fourth printing.
  • Page 77: The LEGO Model of Villa Hillcrest was built by Ken Parel-Sewell and his family. It should read: “LEGO Model by Ken, Amethel, and Kai Parel-Sewell.” instead of “LEGO Model by Ken Parel-Sewell and Dan Madryga.“.
    Corrected in the second printing.
  • Pages 174-175: In doing more precise calculations for a magazine article on scale, I learned that minifig scale is closer to “between 1:25 and 1:45” rather than “between 1:30 and 1:50“.
    Corrected in the seventh printing. (In addition to correcting the scale ratios, the second paragraph on page 175 was rewritten for clarity.)
  • Page 178: Two of the “Common LEGO Colors” have incorrect Bricklink names: The last color in the third row should read: “Dark pink / Bright purple” instead of “Bright pink / Bright purple”. The last color in the fourth row should read: “Bright pink / Light purple” instead of “Light pink / Light purple”.
    This will be corrected in the eighth printing.
  • Page 179: Rocco’s last name should be spelled with a single ‘r’: “Buttliere” instead of “Buttlierre“.
    Corrected in the third printing.

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