Meet the LEGO Masters… on Youtube, Instagram, and more

Want to find out what it was really like participating in the new LEGO Masters TV Show? Many of the participants are active on social media, so it’s easy to learn more!

April 8, 2020: Updated to include a few more videos… Be sure to also check out our brand-new exclusive interview with most of the LEGO Masters Contestants: Geeking out with the LEGO Masters.

Meet the Teams

In the new reality TV show on FOX (USA), ten teams of two are competing for a $100,000 prize and the title of LEGO Masters. Let’s see who they are…

The Bearded Builders – Boone & Mark

  • Boone Langston has a Youtube channel called Boone Builds, which includes recaps of each episode, a closer look at some of his MOCs, interviews with AFOLs, and more.
    (also on instagram @boonebuilds, & Twitter @BooneLangston)

East Coast Bricksters – Mel & Jermaine

The Unicorns – Krystle & Amie

Father & Son BFFs – Manny & Nestor

Brothers Who Brick – Travis & Corey

The Eccentrics – Sam & Jessica

Married Thespians – Flynn & Richard

The Newlyweds – Tyler & Amy

Superman and Clark Kent – Christian & Aaron

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Contestants discussing each episode

Here are direct links to the YouTube Videos, LEGO Models, and Blog Posts which the contestants created as they reflect on each episode.

This section includes spoilers, so please proceed with caution if you haven’t watched all the episodes yet.

Episode 1 – Dream Park Theme Park

Episode 2 – Space Smash

Episode 3 – Cut in Half

Episode 4 – Movie Genres

Episode 5 – Mega City Block

Episode 6 – Need for Speed / Super-Bridges

Episode 7 – Storybook

Episode 8 – Good vs. Evil

Episode 9 – Star Wars

Bonus Content

The Judges

Thanks to all of the contestants who made it to Bricks Cascade: Boone, Mark, Mel, Krystle, Amie, Corey, Samuel, Jessica, Flynn & Richard!

Teams listed in order they appear at Full Names from IMDB. I’d love to add social media links for additional contestants—just email me at!

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  1. Bethany says:

    Excellent resource, thank you!

  2. Jon says:

    Thanks for posting this. I filmed them talking about it all but would have taken forever to transcribe the various media links!

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