July & August LEGO News Roundup

The best LEGO articles, videos, and podcasts from around the web which you might have missed this summer.

We’re taking some time off this summer, so we’ve combined the July and August roundups into one big article. Enjoy!

New at Brick Architect

  • History of LEGO Brick Labels
    Ever wonder how long I’ve been working on the LEGO Brick Labels project? Inspired by a question from one of my patreon sponsors, I edited the page to make it easier to read, and added links so you can go back and see old versions of the collection all the way back to 2015.
  • A new version of LEGO Brick Labels is coming soon…
    As with previous updates, the new version will include labels for newly introduced parts and improvements to existing labels.
    (I’ll be sharing a preview with patrons soon.)

Upcoming Events

Exciting new sets for AFOLs

Here are some top sets released recently:

  • #10279 Volkswagen T2 Camper Van
    The follow-up to the classic T1 Camper van is more detailed, more expensive, and more blue – or rather 322Medium AzurMedium Azure.
    2207 pieces, $180, available now at LEGO.com
  • #10289 Bird of Paradise
    Another beautiful brick-built flower bouquet, this time leveraging Technic componets to great effect.
    1173 pieces, $100, available now at LEGO.com
  • 2021 Advent Calendars
    There will be five advent calendars this year: City, Friends, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and for the first time—Marvel/Avengers
    250 to 350 pieces for $30-40 at LEGO.com

Best articles from around the web

I hope you didn’t miss these amazing articles…

Best videos:

I don’t watch a lot of Video, but these videos caught my attention nonetheless!

Best podcast episodes:

As always, here are some of the best audio-based stories that I’ve heard recently. Happy Listening!

  • #456: Full Spectrum (32:12)
    In this episode, we explore the history of culture, art, and architecture through both the intentional use of color, and the decision to whitewash everything.
    99% Invisible
  • #28 The Fans, Devs, and Remake of Real-Time Strategy Classic LEGO Rock Raiders (46:28)
    This is a lengthy and nerdy dive into a dedicated community of LEGO fans keeping a 22-year old game alive through patches, custom levels, and a modern remake.
    Bits N’ Bricks
  • Jay Ong – Jay’s Brick Blog (59:47)
    While host Greg McDonald is taking a break from the podcast at the moment, I’ve been going back to listen to the ones I missed along the way. This interview with Jay Ong, who runs an excellent LEGO blog is worth a listen. I’ve always appreciates his balanced approach in reviews and articles on his website, and this interview really reinforces how thoughtfully he approaches the LEGO hobby.
    For the Love of Brick
  • #452: The Lows of High Tech (40:19)
    I’m pretty knowledgeable about accessible technology through my work as a User Experience Engineer at Microsoft, but hadn’t fully realized the shift in prosthetic limb design from realistic looking limbs in the 90’s that tried to hide limb differences, to the modern prosthetics which show of their high-tech materials.
    99% Invisible
  • Quiara Alegría Hudes (1:07:18)
    In this podcast, host Debbie Millman interviews talented people across a wide range of artistic expression. I was drawn to this episode in particular because of the really thoughtful discussion about finding your authentic self. this discussion is especially interesting since guest Quiara Alegría Hudes has an extremely diverse background that challenges many of my own assumptions.
    Design Matters

Brick Architect in the news

Last of all, I wanted to highlight two articles where Brick Architect was mentioned…

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