June LEGO News Roundup

Another batch of hot LEGO news to keep you cool this summer!

Here’s some hot LEGO news to complement the crazy hot weather we’ve been having in the Pacific Northwest…

This month at Brick Architect

Exciting new sets for AFOLs

Here are some top sets launching on July 1:

Best articles from around the web

We can’t include every article in the past month, so here are a few of my favorites…

Best podcast episodes:

This month, another new LEGO podcast was launched. Happy Listening!

  • Brick by Brick (22:06)
    Matthew Shifrin is blind, and he loves building LEGO. In this absolutely touching story, you will learn how a family friend Lilya made it possible to build real LEGO sets, and the relationship with The LEGO Group that followed. (This is the best LEGO-related podcast story that I’ve heard in a long time!)
    Blind Guy Travels
  • Nathan Sawaya – Brick Artist (38:44)
    Another excellent episode interviews the talented LEGO Artist known for his “Art of the Brick” exhibitions.
    For the Love of Brick
  • #23: LEGO Loco: The LEGO Group’s take on SimCity (35:07)
    The Bits n’ Bricks podcast is back with their second season. The episode I’ve enjoyed most so far covers LEGO Loco, a PC game that combines elements of classic PC game that I loved as a child and LEGO Trains. It’s a great look back to the early days of PC gaming.
    Bits N’ Bricks
  • #442: Tanz Tanz Revolution (48:14)
    As a long-time electronic music fan, I was eager to learn how the fall of the Berlin wall, a transatlantic connection to the burgeoning Detroit house scene, and a lot of abandoned buildings was the perfect recipe for the explosive growth of Techno music.
    99% Invisible
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