September 2022 LEGO News Roundup

I’ve been busy getting ready for BrickCon, but still wanted to share some of the top LEGO articles this month.

I was busy getting ready for BrickCon at the end of September, so I published this article a few weeks late. (I dated the article September 30 to ensure it appears in the right place on the website.)

New at Brick Architect

MOC of the Month

I love how Filbrick plays with multiple artistic styles in this expressive LEGO model. Beautifully mimicing meticulous cut papercraft art, this model features a beautiful color palette.

Humpback Whale, by Filbrick.

Humpback Whale, by Les Briques de Loïc / Filbrick.

Learn more and support this project at and maybe it will become a real LEGO set!

Exciting new sets for AFOLs

A number of exciting sets for AFOL’s were released in October.  If you haven’t already added them to your collection, please consider purchasing them using the referral links below – it helps support Brick Architect!

  • #10308 Holiday Main Street
    The latest addition to the much loved Winter Village series is here! I do not prefer that it features several small builds instead of a single large one, but the streetcar is cute and the price-per-part is excellent, especially given the widespread price increases in recent months.
    1514 pieces, $100, available now at
  • #75331 The Razor Crest (UCS)
    It’s hard not to mention the latest addition to the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series. As you would expect, it’s large and expensive, but seems to be very faithful to the source material.
    6187 pieces, $600, available now at
  • #75574 Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls
    I’m not that excited about the new Avatar film, but the LEGO sets feature new longer legs and a wide range of brightly colored parts. This set is especially vibrant!
    1212 pieces, $150, available now at
  • #21336 The Office (TV Series)
    15 Minifigures in a single LEGO set? That’s what you will get with this LEGO set based on the popular TV series. I’m not a big fan of the show, but my friends who are fans are obsessed with this new LEGO set!
    1164 pieces, $120, available now at
#10308 Holiday Main Street

#10308 Holiday Main Street offers an above-average value.

Best articles from around the web

Here are some highlights this month from around the web – Happy reading!

“And what I did at that point once we realized who the company was … we completely redid the presentation” Wakefield said … “I told them to look over their shoulder, and they would see a building and a company called Costar, and the entire reason that they were here is because North Carolina had an anti-LGBTQ bill in 2016, and Virginia did not discriminate,”

Chesterfield Observer

LEGO Masters around the world

Season 3 of LEGO Masters USA debuted on September 21, with a new challenge to build a spaceship. The second episode is inspired by Jurassic World (which we saw excerpts from in a “preview episode” back in June). It is advertised as a 13-episode season… assuming one episode a week, the season finale will be on December 14!

BrickNerd has led the charge with several articles about both the US and international versions of the show.

“For me, ADHD is a vicious cycle of knowing what I have to do, but then not being able to do it because it is too boring or doesn’t give me any dopamine—so it doesn’t get done. … LEGO, being a part of my life now for at least five years, has outlasted any other hobby of mine that I didn’t make my job. This is unusual because dopamine levels tend to dissipate when the hobby has been conquered or isn’t fun anymore or becomes too much effort.”

Liz Puleo / BrickNerd

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