April 2024 LEGO News Roundup

A side quest in LEGO Videogames, May the 4th LEGO Star Wars sets, and a selection of interesting articles from around the web.

This month, I went on a bit of a side quest…

I’ve always enjoyed the LEGO Videogames based on classic movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Indiana Jones. I especially appreciate the forgiving gameplay and two-player cooperative modes which helped introduce my wife to modern gaming, and have just started introducing my son to these games as well.

When a bunch of the games that I was missing were available for a big discount a few weeks ago, I purchased digital copies of 9 games missing from my collection for around $40. This got me wondering — can you really still play all of these classic games on a modern gaming console?

A few of the games compatible with the Xbox Series X gaming console.

A few of the games compatible with the Xbox Series X gaming console.

Thanks to extensive back-catalogues on both the Microsoft Store (Xbox) and Steam (Windows PC or Steam Deck), you can still play most of these games today! (By contrast, Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch do not offer extensive backawards compatibility.)

I’m working on a couple articles looking back on the rich 20-year history of LEGO games produced by TT Games. The first article will explore which gaming systems can play each game. I’m hoping to follow this up with a reflection on my favorite games from the series, as well as some thoughts on how LEGO games have influenced other aspects of the LEGO hobby, and visa versa.

As always, I’d also love to hear your stories — drop me a line via email or a comment on the website about your favorite LEGO gaming experiences, or the ways that LEGO games changed how you approached the LEGO hobby.

New at Brick Architect

While we only posted one new article this month, we have several articles and reviews that I’m excited to share with you soon!

  • Review: #71799 Ninjago City Markets
    Can the fourth set in the Ninjago City series compare to the excellent sets that preceded it — and should you add it to your collection before it retires?
  • Update: LEGO ‘Powered Up’ Guide
    I updated our popular guide to the LEGO Powered Up system to include up-to-date information on current vs. retired parts, and to include links to the LEGO Parts Guide.
  • Update: LEGO Parts Guide
    I updated the guide to include up-to-date parts data from external sites, and added a few parts (and their associated images) to the database.

May 2024 releases for AFOLs

As we look to May, there aren’t very many new releases beyond the LEGO Star Wars sets — which we have grown accustomed to seeing in advance of the May the Fourth ‘holiday’. Thankfully, there are a few interesting sets which I’ve highlighted below…

  • #71046 LEGO Space Collectible Minifigs (Series 26)
    For years, fans have clamored for a CMF series dedicated to LEGO Space, and it is finally here. There are some great figures in this series, including a figure with a flying saucer head, and a woman holding a Pink Space Baby.
    $5 per blind box, available now at LEGO.com
  • The Force of Creativity
    This impressive book highlights moments from across the 25-year history of the LEGO Star Wars collaboration. Only you can decide if the high price is worth it for a collectible book and the insights hidden within.
    312 pages, ages 18+, $150, preorder now at LEGO.com
  • #75382 TIE Interceptor
    This year’s addition to the Ultimate Collectors Series is a nice looking and moderately sized Tie Interceptor. The model does justice to the source material, but the price feels high for what you get.
    1931 pieces, ages 18+, $300, available now at LEGO.com
  • #10341 NASA Artemis Space Launch System
    Offering a vastly better value, check out this massive rocket and launching pad. With luck, the real thing will take astronauts to the moon for the first time in a LONG time.
    3601 pieces, ages 18+, $260, available May 15th at LEGO.com

You can see all the rest of the new releases by visiting the lego.com store. (Making a purchase using our referral link helps support this website.)

#10341 NASA Artemis Space Launch System is an impressive model and a great value.

#10341 NASA Artemis Space Launch System is an impressive model and a great value.

Best articles from around the web

I’m always on the hunt for the best LEGO articles from around the web. Enjoy!

Updated LEGO Design Guidelines (Photo: LEGO INTERBRAND)

Updated LEGO Design Guidelines (Photo: LEGO INTERBRAND)

To get approvals [for designs] in those early days, the designers used to travel with their models out to California, to take it to Skywalker Ranch and Lucasfilm’s headquarters to show them the model in person.

Rambling Brick

  • The dream world is calling… (Season 2 trailer)
    Assuming that my son offers a useful window into the minds of younger builders, he loves the LEGO DREAMZzz show and is excited that the second season will be released on May 17th.
    —LEGO (YouTube)
  • Building blocks: Lego’s next move
    “They’ve evolved from a company that simply makes a box of bricks to really a talent agency for Minifigures.” – While there weren’t any major new insights presented in this 15-minute video, it does offer a practical summary of the current state of play at The LEGO Group, the challenges that they face from resellers and in meeting their environmental sustainability goals, and the overall need to continue shifting from a product company to a broader entertainment company. (I meant to include this in March!)
    —Financial Times (YouTube)

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