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Here at Brick Architect, we’ve played most of LEGO Video Games by Tt Games. We love that they support two-player collaborative gameplay!

How to save money with LEGO Dimensions

I’ve created a guide to saving money while fully enjoying the LEGO Dimensions game. Check it out!

“LEGO Dimensions” is The LEGO Group’s first serious foray into the already crowded “Toys to Life” market, competing directly with the hugely popular Disney Infinity and Skylanders games. These games rely on a USB accessory containing RFID tag readers which plug into your gaming console. The game detects when compatible toys are placed on the sensor, and the video game responds to these actions by bringing the toy to live in the video game environment. The innovation with LEGO Dimensions is that the toys have some play value outside of the video game, since each character, vehicle, or accessory in LEGO Dimensions is built out of real LEGO bricks.

Contents of LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack

Contents of LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack

I’ve prepared a page dedicated to LEGO Dimensions which explains how you can access most of the game while spending the least money. I will update it with additional tips and tricks to save money as I learn more.

Learn how to save money while enjoying LEGO Dimensions at: