Frank Lloyd Wright’s Wingspread

LEGO artist Jameson Gagnepain spent 6 months meticulously re-creating this Frank Lloyd Wright home using LEGO. Was it worth it—of course it was!

Aerial photograph of "Wingspread" LEGO Model by Jameson Gagnepain.

Aerial photograph of “Wingspread” LEGO Model by Jameson Gagnepain.

One of my great joys in seeing large-scale LEGO re-creations is when the LEGO artist gives us a chance to see how it is built. Unfortunately, this is not very common, and usually limited to one or two teaser photos on the LEGO Artist’s Flickr page.

It has been a treat to follow LEGO Artist Jameson Gagnepain, who has been blogging for the last 6 months about his most ambitious LEGO model yet: re-creating Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Wingspread” home in Wind Point, Wisconsin.

Frank Lloyd Wright with a model of Wingspread. (photo from

Frank Lloyd Wright with a model of Wingspread. (photo from

“Wingspread” was built in 1937 as a home for Herbert Fisk Johnson, Jr. of Johnson Wax company, just one year after the completion of Frank Lloyd Wright’s better known Johnson Wax Building in nearby Racine, Wisconsin. The home is a sprawling 14,000 square foot cruciform design with two stories, a big driveway, great landscaping and a pool in the backyard.

Excerpts from Jameson's blog showing the model in progress.

Excerpts from Jameson’s blog showing the model in progress.

Jameson has done an amazing job re-creating this masterpiece in great detail. I love the smaller details such as the vintage car, the driveway, the pergolas, all the careful brickwork, and of course the swimming pool.

Details of the finished model.

Details of the finished model.

ABOUT JAMESON: He is a founding member of the Kenosha LEGO Users Group, or simply KLUG. He has built several other impressive LEGO Architecture models including another Frank Lloyd Wright design of the Thomas P. Hardy house.

See the making of this amazing model, and more photos of the completed model at Jameson’s blog: Building Wingspread.

architect_cover-front-smP.S. This amazing model will be featured in my upcoming book The LEGO Architect. You will also find tips and tricks from talented LEGO artists such as Jameson to build your own LEGO Architecture models. (You can pre-order today at

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