LEGO Architecture model in November 2016 Brick Loot

Learn more about the LEGO model of a contemporary home that I designed for Brick Loot. It expands on the styles covered in my book, by exploring current trends in architecture.

I’m excited that my work has been featured in Brick Loot’s November 2016 box. I designed a model that explores contemporary architecture trends, emphasizing projecting volumes, angular shapes, glass, and mixed materials. I call the model “@ Home”, because the front facade has a curving yellow shape that looks like an “@” sign.

'@ Home" LEGO Model, featured in November 2016 Brick Loot.

‘@ Home’ LEGO Model, featured in November 2016 Brick Loot.

I posted an article explaining my experiences designing the model, a video explaining how the model is built, and detailed building instructions which you can read at

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