December 2020 LEGO News Roundup

While the new year can’t fix all of the challenges we faced in 2020, at least we have some exciting new LEGO news to share!

With the new year nearly upon us, let’s look back on the most interesting LEGO news this month…

This month at Brick Architect:

Looking forward to #80107 Spring Lantern Festival

The Lunar New Year sets are entering their third year, and this year’s #80107 Spring Lantern Festival is the most striking addition to the series yet. It should be no surprise that it’s great—it was designed by the talented Justin Ramsden!

#80107 Spring Lantern Festival

#80107 Spring Lantern Festival

If you read anything about the new set, start with this Brickset interview, Justin offers a ton of insights into the making of this new set. For even more on the new set, watch the short designer video.)

…we are trying to design something so extra special, authentic and iconic that … appeals to a new and growing fan-base of future LEGO builders.

Early reviews

You can buy from Asia on Jan 1, rest of world on Jan 10.

LEGO Podcasts

I’ve loved podcasts for a long time because they allow you to listen to well produced audio stories on your own schedule. I wanted to share a link to two (relatively) new LEGO Podcasts, as well as a few other long-time LEGO-adjacent favorites.

LEGO Bits N’ Bricks Podcast

LEGO Bits N’ Bricks Podcast

The first podcast worth mentioning is Bits n’ Bricks, a podcast commisioned by The LEGO Group to celebrate the 25th anniversary of LEGO videogames. You can listen at or your favorite podcast app.

The second podcast that I wanted to highlight is For the Love of Brick, a fortnightly podcast (every two weeks) featuring a thoughtful interview with influential members of the LEGO Fan Community. Host Greg McDonald strikes a good balance of a friendly, casual tone and professional audio editing and mixing.

Other great podcasts:

  • 99% Invisible explores the world of design and architecture with stunning audio storytelling. There’s a ton of variety, but every episode is excellent.
  • In 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy host Tim Harford shares short stories about some large (and small) innovations that made our modern world possible.
  • Malcom Gladwell’s excellent Revisionist History podcast revisits the past to see if we missed the point. (It breaks my normal rule of preferring tightly scripted storytelling, but gets away with it because he is a great storyteller.)
  • Hidden Brain tells deeply human stories to teach us recent insights from the world of Psychology and Behavioral Economics.

Other Links worth sharing…

I hope you enjoy these monthly roundups; please suggest content for next month’s roundup by leaving a comment below.

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