September 2020 LEGO News Roundup

LEGO Storage by IKEA, a couple of Colosseums, some LEGO IDEAS, and more!

It’s time for our monthly news roundup. There’s a ton of news this month—I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. In case you missed it, earlier this month we wrote about the new Levi’s × LEGO, and IKEA × LEGO collaborations. They both go on sale tomorrow, October 1, 2020.

LEGO Storage for AFOLs talk at BrickCon

I’ve prepared a new presentation about LEGO Storage, with a greater focus on the unique challenges that face Adult Fans of LEGO. Because there isn’t a perfect one-size-fits-all storage solution (and I wish there was), we will explore a range of topics which will help you design the perfect storage strategy for your unique needs (or upgrade your storage to meet changing needs).

Presentation topics:

  1. A brief technical look at the LEGO System(s) of parts.
  2. Data around how LEGO fans sort their collections.
  3. Developing a hierarchial organizational schema that meets your needs.
  4. The strengths and weakness of more/less sorting (such as sorting by part vs. color vs. element).
  5. Highlighting some of the Best Storage products for AFOLs.
  6. Additional Tips and Tricks.

My presentation will be This Saturday, October 3rd at 2pm PDT. You will need a ticket to the BrickCon Private Convention to participate. Tickets start at $25 USD and give you access to more than a dozen presentations from talented AFOLs, current and former LEGO Employees, and more!

A pair of Colosseums

It is widely rumoured that we will see an LEGO set of the Colosseum later this year approaching 9000 pieces. That’s a shockingly high part count! In the meantime, let’s see how two other brick-based Colosseums offer a preview of coming attractions.

Colosseum by SkyWalter (Photo: LEGO Ideas), Colosseum set (Photo: Mould King)

Colosseum by SkyWalter (Photo: LEGO Ideas), Colosseum set (Photo: Mould King)

  1. Colosseum on LEGO Ideas reaches 10,000 votes.
    At 2000 pieces, this version is in the style of the LEGO Architecture series, rather than the style of sets in the larger Creator Expert series.
  2. Massive Colosseum by Mould King (clone brand).
    Brickfinder reported on a huge 6466-piece model of the Colosseum by a well known clone brand.

What do you think? Are you thrilled by the prospect of a 9,000 piece model of the Colosseum, or worried that it would be incrediby repetitive and boring to build?

Recommended Reading

Review: IKEA BYGGLEK boxes


IKEA BYGGLEK LEGO Storage Collection (Photo: IKEA)

IKEA BYGGLEK LEGO Storage Collection (Photo: IKEA)

In this cautiously optimistic review of the upcoming LEGO storage products by IKEA, we learn that the products adhere closely to the LEGO system and may be a good choice for younger builders. It’s the result of a multi-year partnernship between LEGO x IKEA.

I remain skeptical, and hope to review the products for the LEGO Storage Guide when they are available on October 1.

A Record Breaking 35 Product Ideas Qualify for the Second 2020 LEGO Ideas Review


35 LEGO Ideas qualify for review

35 LEGO Ideas qualify for review (Photo: LEGO Ideas)

LEGO Ideas allows fans to submit ideas for future LEGO Sets, and ideas are considered for an official set when they reach 10,000 votes. The crowdsourcing platform has seen explosive growth in popularity, as evidenced by 35 ideas reaching that milestone in just a 5-month period.

As is often the case, the sets up for review include some beautiful models with widespread appeal, and others with niche or regional interest.

While we do not know which of these will become official LEGO Sets, two new additions to the LEGO IDEAS product line were announced earlier today. Visit to learn more.

News you may have missed

Exciting New LEGO Sets

And to wrap up, the perfect comic for AFOL’s. It’s from the amazing Strange Planet comic by Nathan W. Pyle. (It was posted in February, but I only found it recently!)

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