May LEGO News Roundup

Two reviews of highly-sought upcoming sets, a new addition to the LEGO Architecture series, and a bunch of interesting links make for a busy month!

As always, here’s the latest LEGO news here at Brick Architect and from around the web…

This month at Brick Architect

  • Review: #31203 World Map
    A map of the whole world is the new largest LEGO set—at least by part count! (And it’s a great price, too!)
  • Review: #10292 The Friends Apartments
    At double the size of the wildly successful LEGO Ideas set based on the classic 90’s sitcom, The Friends Apartments captures many more details for die-hard fans.

Upcoming Events

  • May – November, 2021 – LEGO® House Live Tours from History Collection
    Five hour-long virtual tours will be offered in 2021, exploring the hstory of The LEGO Group starting in 1932. The first tour is May 6th, and two different time slots are available for each tour.
    The online event is 50 DKK (About $8).

Other exciting new sets for AFOLs

A bunch of really interesting new sets were were just released! These are a few of my favorites:

  • #21056 Taj Mahal – The latest addition to the LEGO Architecture Landmark series is a smaller-scale version of the Tah Majal.
    2022 pieces for $120 (0.059/piece) at
  • #76178 Daily Bugle (Marvel) – This bland looking skyscraper doesn’t appeal to me as an architecture lover, but it sure does include a lot of awesome minifigs!
    4770 pieces for $300 (0.063/piece) at
  • #10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery – This beautifully sculpted brick-built Space Shuttle exceeds the already high standard of previous LEGO Space Shuttle sets!
    2354 pieces for $200 (0.085/piece) at

Best articles from around the web

We can’t include every article in the past month, so here are a few of my favorites…

Best podcast episodes:

This month, another new LEGO podcast was launched. Happy Listening!

  • Never too old to play (20:56)
    The LEGO Group’s official podcast is getting to a rocky start, with more than two months between the first and second episode. I wish them luck in finding a format that works for the long term.
    Our LEGO Stories
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