November LEGO News Roundup

Another month, another dozen awesome articles, podcasts and more. Happy Building!

New at Brick Architect

  • Review: 2021 LEGO Advent Calendars
    We’ve put all five of the 2021 LEGO Advent calendars under the microscope to identify the three great ones, the one decent one, and the one calendar that dissapoints this year. Pick yours up before it’s too late!
  • Review: Adidas Ultraboost DNA × LEGO Colors Shoes
    Here’s another brightly colored shoe in the growing LEGO × Adidas footwear line — let’s see if it’s a step-up from previous attempts…
  • Update: LEGO ‘Powered Up’ Guide
    This guide is one of the most popular new resources at Brick Architect, so I updated it for 2021. The update adds four newly-released Powered Up parts, readability improvements, and a shopping guide.

Exciting new sets for AFOLs

The barrage of amazing LEGO sets continues in November and December, although several of these big-ticket sets are temporarily sold out.

  • #45345 LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential Set
    The follow-up to the Spike Prime LEGO Education set for younger builders has arrived, and it includes three brand new LEGO Powered-up parts! (I suspect a similar set will replace LEGO BOOST in the consumer market next year.)
    449 pieces, $275, available now at
  • #75313 AT-AT
    The third largest LEGO Set ties the Millenium Falcon for the most expensive.
    6785 pieces, $800, available November 26 at
  • #10294 LEGO Titanic
    The real ship might have been a sinker, but the LEGO model has floated a lot of people’s boat.
    9090 pieces, $630, available now at
  • #21330 LEGO Ideas Home Alone
    The 1990 holiday classic is brought to life in this captivating LEGO set, which offers an unusually good value at $0.06 per piece.
    3955 pieces, $250, available now at
  • #76240 LEGO DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler
    This shapely (and spendy) set brings the man of bat’s iconic ride to life.
    2049 pieces, $230, available now at

Best articles from around the web

While there are always a lot of good articles about LEGO, there were a ton of great articles these past two months, especially nerdy articles about rare or new parts!

Best podcast episodes:

As always, here are some of the best audio-based stories that I’ve heard recently. Happy Listening!

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