May 2022 LEGO News Roundup

This month we see exciting developments from an inclusive perspective, disappointing changes to building instructions, and some interesting new sets. Check it out!

The month of May has been packed with great LEGO content from around the web, not to mention two reviews right here at Brick Architect that I hope you enjoy. There are also a lot of interesting sets that are coming out on June 1 (and an exclusive book for serious collectors). Unfortunately, several of the sets (including the Great Pyramid of Giza) aren’t available in North America until August, which will surely dissapoint a lot of readers.

I also wanted to call out a troubling development that The LEGO Group announced this month. “As we are gradually replacing single-use plastic bags with paper-based bags in our boxes, other in-box materials such as the cover of Building Instructions have also been re-designed for a visually consistent unboxing experience.” —The LEGO Group

When they say consistent, it looks like they are aiming to be consistently mediocre. I believe that the building experience is enhanced by well-designed instructions that reinforce the theme or IP partner. For an even more strongly worded response to this statement, check out Richard’s biting critique at Rambling Brick. (He closes by asking if he is just being an “old fuddy duddy”, but I agree with him… building instructions should enhance the building experience!)

New at Brick Architect

  • Review: #21058 Great Pyramid of Giza
    Can a LEGO set based on an undecorated pyramidal shape earn the Architecture label? Possibly — especially when placed into the context of the era when it was built.
  • Review: #71741 Ninjago City Gardens
    The third installment in the popular Ninjago City series follows in the footsteps of one of the greatest LEGO sets of all time — can it compare, and should you pick it up before it retires?
#21058 Great Pyramid of Giza will be available June 1 in most place (August 1 in North America).

#21058 Great Pyramid of Giza will be available June 1 in most places. (August 1 in North America.)

MOC of the Month

I don’t know if I will keep this up or not, but I absolutely loved the following model which is based on the cutest minfig from the most recent CMF series and wanted to share it with you!

Mushroom House - LEGO Ideas Project by Jonas Kramm.

Mushroom House – LEGO Ideas Project by Jonas Kramm.

Upcoming Events

  • June 18, 2022 – LEGO® Con 2022
    Advertised as “Bigger, better, brickier!” — This year’s LEGO Con is aimed squarely at kids and families. That said, there are a few sections which may be of interest to AFOLs: a session on creativity with Pixar’s Angus Maclane, a LIVE LEGO Masters challenge, and a collaborative Minecraft build.
    Free online event at

Exciting new sets for AFOLs

There are some interesting sets coming out in June — although you may be very dissappointed if you live in North America…

I'm most excited about this book, 'Ferrari Daytona SP3 The Sense of Perfection' which will be released on June 1.

More than any of the LEGO sets which will be released on June 1, I’m most excited about a new limited release book. ‘Ferrari Daytona SP3 The Sense of Perfection’ goes in-depth into the creative process in designing an iconic LEGO set.

  • #21058 Great Pyramid of Giza
    If you don’t live in North America, you can pick up the Great Pyramid of Giza in June. (Link to our in-depth review above…)
    1476 pieces, $130, available globally on June 1 (August 1 in North America) at
  • #31206 Rolling Stones (LEGO Art)
    Here’s your chance to build the iconic tongue logo using LEGO Bricks. Be prepared to actually mount it on the wall, since it doesn’t lean up very easily. The best review is at Brothers Brick; parts overview at New Elementary.
    1998 pieces, $150, available globally on June 1 (August 1 in North America) at
  • #60346 Barn & Farm Animals
    I rarely highlight sets aged 4+ in my roundup, but this one is getting a lot of attention for the removeable sheep fleece, and range of new animal moulds. Jay’s review of the set offers a ton of great photos of the new animal moulds. (The North America pricing for this set is especially bad.)
    230 pieces, $70, available June 1 at
#60346 Barn &; Farm Animals is a top pick amongst young kids and AFOLs due to the amazing selection of new animal moulds.

#60346 Barn & Farm Animals is a top pick amongst young kids and AFOLs due to the amazing selection of new animal moulds.

Best articles from around the web

Here are some highlights this month from around the web – Happy reading!

The company … is looking for talented Engineers, Product Managers, UX/UI Designers, Technical Program Managers, Digital Security Specialists and Data Scientists to join the challenge.

The LEGO Group

LEGO Masters around the world

Season 1 of LEGO Masters New Zealand is underway. With just 6 teams total, we really are getting a lot of screen time to see them models and get to know the participants – a really different viewing experience from the highly-produced USA show.

Speaking of USA – Season 3 participants have been announced and we will get to see a special preview of the show on Jun 5. Lastly, Season 4 of LEGO Masters Australia has finished. (…but I’m not caught up, so no spoilers—please!)

Best videos:

Here are a couple videos that might catch your interest, too…

  • The first campus built by Google | Bay View and Charleston East (4:58)
    You may find this new Google building interesting, not only for the unique architectural form and environmental characteristics, but also because it is designed by none other than Bjarke Ingels / BIG, who also designed the iconic LEGO House museum in Billund.
    —Google @ YouTube

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