February 2023 LEGO News Roundup

February might be a short month, but it was packed with great LEGO Articles from around the web.

In January, we covered big news at The LEGO Group — moving their North America headquarters to Boston. February was quieter, without any major announcements besides a handful of new products coming out in March. The most exciting new set is #10316 Rivendell (Lord of the Rings). We were fortunate enough to receive an early copy, and were very impressed with what we discovered in our in-depth review.

We started the month by celebrating Black History month with a review of two great books by Black LEGO Artists, Ekow Nimako and Adam Ward. Both of the books are aimed at younger builders, but the approach in each book is unique. Adam’s book has a playful tone that focuses on positivity and problem solving. By contrast, Ekow’s book is all about teaching kids about animals from around the world by building elegantly designed brick-built sculptures.

I also found time to go back and revisit an earlier set in the Modular Building Series — #10264 Corner Garage. I’ve decided review many of the modulars that I have not had a chance to build. I was excited to start with this set as it’s one of the less popular recent sets in the series… I wanted to find out if there’s more to the set than people think? (I think there is, but it still isn’t a great set.)

Standing with the trans community

One topic that kept coming up this month (both within and outside the LEGO community) is the continued frustration by many Harry Potter fans about author JK Rowling’s ceaseless transphobic rhetoric. Here at Brick Architect, we have been including language condeming the authors hurtful views in both our 2021 and 2022 LEGO Advent Calendar reviews.

Going forward, we will stand with other LEGO Fan Media outlets by no longer reviewing new Harry Potter sets. If we must reference a Harry Potter set in the context of another type of article, we will include a stronger disclaimer and will not include links to the product being discussed. (We may choose to highlight a MOC based in the Harry Potter universe if it makes sense to do so, because long-time fans of the theme can continue building models in that world using the parts they already own.)

Our stance borrows heavily from the unflinching article on the topic by Tips and Bricks. They have done a fantastic job of explaining the harm that JKR has done to the trans community, the reasons why her words are so harmful, and the real-world consequences to the trans community.

Brick Architect stands with the trans community. We strive to be an inclusive community where LEGO fans from around the world can come together to learn and lift each other up. The LEGO Community is at it’s best when people with different backgrounds find ways to use the LEGO hobby to bring us together.

New at Brick Architect

The new Rivendell set is absolutely gorgeous.  Spend some time with our in-depth review of this top-notch LEGO set.

The new Rivendell set is absolutely gorgeous. Spend some time with our in-depth review of this top-notch LEGO set.

Exciting new sets for AFOLs

Two sets dominated the new releases this month (BTS and Rivendell), but there are several more sets worth considering depending on your interests – although I only highlighted a few…

To see all of the other new sets, check out lego.com store.

#10316 Rivendell is an amazing model. It is built as three separate modules.

#10316 Rivendell is an amazing model. It is built as three separate modules.

Best articles from around the web

Here are some highlights this month from around the web – Happy reading!

If a LEGO Ideas set can be approved and make it to market in a year, there isn’t a valid excuse for why LEGO hasn’t made diverse minifigures more available … other than the obvious and dismaying reality that they choose not to.

Levi Knighten / BrickNerd

Progress indicators in the Instruction Booklet of a wide range of LEGO sets. (Photo: Brothers Brick)

Progress indicators in instruction booklets from a wide range of LEGO sets. (Photo: Brothers Brick)

These new findings made me want to set myself the goal of creating a collection that included all the original pieces from each of these companies. It took me 7 years to put it all together, and finally I am ready to show it to the world.

Carlos José Baragaño Móner / Brickset

Best videos:

Here are a couple videos that might catch your interest. (I’m excited to see the return of official LEGO Designer Videos.)

Best Podcasts:

Just one podcast piqued my interest this month. I hope you enjoy it!

  • The Chinatown Punk Wars (49:04)
    This episode offers a pretty wild ride, showing how a failing restauraunts in Chinatown became the center of a burgeoning LA Punk scene.
    —99 Percent Invisible

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