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LEGO Masters is coming to the USA on Wednesday February 5th. What can we expect of the new show, based on previous seasons in the UK an Australia?

March 2, 2020: Many of the contestants are sharing recaps of each episode on social media. Learn more in our new article Meet the LEGO Masters… on Youtube, Instagram, and more.

Readers in the United States have probably seen ads for LEGO Masters, a new show on FOX which premieres Wednesday, February 5th. You might not have realized that (just like the Great British Bake-off), LEGO Masters (UK) came first; with a four-episode first season in 2017, and a six-episode second season in 2018 on Channel 4 TV. The show was lighthearted and fun, especially given that some of the two-person teams included children. I enjoyed the program, but don’t plan to go back and watch it again.

Following the UK show, Channel 9 Australia launched LEGO Masters Australia in April, 2019. It was a much longer 9-episode season featuring more complex challenges and a more competitive approach. (They did not include young children in the competition.)

LEGO Masters Australia is vastly superior to the UK series due to heightened competition, better challenges and more engaging judges and hosts. Speaking of the judging—Ryan McNaught (Australia’s only LEGO Certified Professional) was fantastic in the series. He highlighted advanced building techniques featured in the models which casual viewers wouldn’t have noticed, and even used the right terminology such as SNOT (Studs Not On Top). Episode 5 was my favorite—they were asked to build the strongest bridge, which was destroyed later in the episode!

Based on what I’ve learned from the promotional videos and articles about the show, I’m hopeful LEGO Masters USA will build on formula perfected by the Australian show. I’m happy with their decision to only include adult builders in the competition, excited by the large number of participating teams, and impressed by the beautifully designed set and more dramatic editing.

Lastly, I’m excited to see so many talented LEGO Artists have come together to make the show a reality, including judging by two talented LEGO Designers (Amy Corbett & Jamie Berard), LEGO Art models by Artist Nathan Sawaya, and hosting by the voice of LEGO Batman himself; Will Arnett.

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What’s next for LEGO Masters? I guess we’ll have to wait and see how well this season goes! (P.S. German readers, they’re now casting in your country, too!)

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