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Articles about the Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) community.

How LUGBULK works—and strategies for making the most of it!

LUGBULK allows members of a Recognized LEGO User Group to order LEGO in bulk. You need a strategy to make the most of this opportunity—this new article can help!

LUGBULK is an amazing opportunity for AFOLs, but it’s a slow and complex process with a number of restrictions. I just published a new article that explains what LUGBULK is, how you can get involved, and some strategies (and data) to help you make the most of it!

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The Guardian view on LEGO for adults: play is a serious business

Hot on the heels of the Washington Post article we shared a few days ago, here’s a short article on The Guardian about the trend, citing the upcoming USA LEGO Masters show, huge LEGO sets designed for adults, and LEGO as mindfulness practice.

According to the article, toy sales to ages 12+ (including adults) are up 11% in Europe versus two years prior. Good Job AFOL’s!

 The Guardian