Update: How LUGBULK works—and strategies for making the most of it!

I’ve updated Brick Architect’s guide to the LUGBULK program with data from January 2022. It’s a great way to see which elements are common, and which are are costly (or hard to find).

Last year, I published an article explaining what LUGBULK is and how to use the opportunity to improve your LEGO parts library (while saving money). I’ve updated the part availability and pricing data in the article for January 2022 — just in time to finalize your own LUGBULK order!

Table showing current BrickLink cost for some of the most common LEGO Parts.

Table showing current BrickLink cost & availability for some of the most common LEGO Parts.

Other improvements:

  • Table shows part availability for four consecutive 5-year periods.
    You can see how certain colors are gaining popularity over time by flipping quickly through the pages.
  • Added the new “Vibrant Yellow” color.
    Even though it’s only included in a few 2022 sets, it is already more common than two established colors!
  • Updated color rankings for 2017-2021.
    The most common colors appear on the left side of the table.
  • General readability/design improvements.
Learn more by visiting brickarchitect.com/lugbulk/

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