‘Common LEGO Parts & Colors’ talk at Saturday’s Brickworld Virtual convention

Attend talks, see LEGO displays, and more during this weekend’s “virtual” LEGO Convention.

This Saturday (April 18), the folks who run the Brickworld LEGO Conventions are trying something new… A one-day Brickworld Virtual LEGO convention!

During the six-hour event, you can visit the homes of 10 LEGO artists to see their displays, play LEGO Robo Rally, shop with seven vendors, and attend six LEGO talks—all from the safety and comfort of your home via Zoom.

I am one of the six presenters, and will be presenting an updated version of my talk on Common LEGO Parts & Colors at 5pm Eastern (2pm Pacific).

The presentation builds on some of the our popular articles here at Brick Architect: Hard-to-Find LEGO Colors, and 2019 Most Common LEGO Parts.

If you want to attend my talk, be sure to register in advance at brickworld.com. (Registration is just 5$, and limited to 1000 participants.)

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