Update: LEGO ‘Powered Up’ guide

Several updates to make the guide even better!

Over the past 3 years, The LEGO Group has accelerated their transition from the older Power Functions motors to the new Powered Up system. This year, a few new parts were released, signaling the end of the Power Functions era.

4 additional parts added to LEGO Powered Up Guide.

4 new parts added to LEGO Powered Up Guide.

I created a guide to the Powered Up system last year to help people understand the new system. This update makes the guide even better!

What’s new in this update?

  1. Added four new components to the guide.
    Technic Powered-up Battery Box (part 22167), 2-port Small Intelligent Hub (part 67351), Sm. Angular Motor (part 68488), and 3×3 LED Matrix (part 47592).
  2. Added a Table of Contents, Shopping Guide, and more…
Learn more about ‘Powered Up’ at brickarchitect.com/powered-up.

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