Updated for 2022: Most Common LEGO Parts

Explore the top 1000 most common parts from 2018-2022 and recent evolution of the LEGO Parts Library.

The Most Common LEGO Parts also happens to be one of the most popular articles here at Brick Architect. While it’s interesting to see which parts are the most common, I particularly enjoy learning about parts which are gaining popularity over time, as well as those which are slowly fading to obscurity.

In other words, we can find the slow evolution of the LEGO System of Play hidden in the data.

The 2022 update highlights a few trends in recent years, such as:

  1. The rising popularity of tiny pieces.
  2. Decreasing emphasis on basic bricks and plates.
  3. Possible decrease in popularity of Technic parts.
  4. Blossoming popularity of plant pieces.
  5. Stable popularity for SNOT pieces.

It was also interesting to observe the impact of a single set on the rankings; #10307 Eiffel Tower alone is responsible for doubling the popularity of one part: Bar 2L w/ Stop (part 78258).

Take a deeper dive into the Most Common LEGO Parts.

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