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From time-to-time, we highlight LEGO Sets and Accessories which are on sale for an unusually good price. We also offer Holiday Shopping Guides to help you find the perfect gift for friends and family.

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#40585 World of Wonders available now (VIP Rewards)

An interesting “baby architecture” set containing four popular landmarks was released today.

I am not happy with the increasing purchase requirements for gift-with-purchase sets, and I’m not a fan of the awkward system that allows LEGO VIP Members to spend VIP Points on exclusive ‘free’ sets either. They aren’t really free anyways since you need to make another purchase. (You will probably want to spend enough to receive free shipping, too – $35 in United States).

Nonetheless, since Brick Architect was created to celebrate LEGO Architecture, I wanted to make sure readers are aware that #40585 World of Wonders is available for a limited time on the VIP Rewards Center. It costs 2700 points, which works out to $20.77 USD for 382 pieces – an equivalent of $0.054 per piece. (A $20 dicount at costs 2600 points.)

#40585 World of Wonders is available now as a 'featured reward' for VIPs.

#40585 World of Wonders is available now as a ‘featured reward’ for VIPs.

As noted in my January 2023 Roundup, I noticed that the set uses stickers instead of printed tiles which is unfortunate. As you can see in the photos below, even The LEGO Group can’t apply stickers without a little bit of dust sticking to the edge.

Disappointed to see stickers instead of printed tiles with this set.

Disappointed to see stickers instead of printed tiles with this set.

#21041 The Great Wall of China and #21056 Taj Mahal have already been captured in LEGO Architecture sets — I would not be surprised to see a larger LEGO Architecture set based on Al-Khazneh (Petra) or The Parthenon later this year.

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NEWLY RELEASED: Empire State Building & Trafalgar Square

Two exciting new LEGO Architecture models were released today!

#21046 Empire State Building

Both of these new sets are available now at, and

Retiring Soon

An unprecedented number of LEGO Architecture sets are retiring soon. Don’t miss your chance to add these great sets to your collection.

#21033 Chicago Skyline

The LEGO Shop online in Germany was recently updated to reflect 12 sets of interest to LEGO Architecture builders which are retiring soon—many are already sold out in Germany. Fortunately, other global LEGO stores have not been updated to reflect that they are being discontinued soon, so most of the sets are still available.

Sets in the LEGO Architecture theme:

Sets in the Creator Expert theme:

Sets in other LEGO themes: